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You’re Braver Than You Think

This 8-week group is designed to assist anyone who experiences a reduced quality of life or ability to function due to anxiety.  The group is transdiagnostic, meaning that it targets anxiety whether you experience panic attacks, agoraphobia, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias or generalized anxiety.  Working from a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach, or CBT, this evidence-based anxiety group provides skills that encourage you to make behavioral changes in the way you respond to anxiety, helping you to discover that you really are “braver than you think.”

ReThink Depression

The program is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy concepts.  The ReThink Depression Group is designed to assist individual who are struggling with symptoms of depression.  The skills taught will help participants break the cycle of depression, reconnect with a sense of meaning and engage with worthwhile activity.  The group is structured as an educational group, not a therapy group.  Working through the material with the group provides a consistent and structured environment where you can interact with others and receive positive feedback and support.

Healthy Attachments

The Healthy Attachments course is an 8 week psycho-educational course held weekly for two hours per week.  The course provides a safe and supportive opportunity to learn about the impact of your attachment style on your relationships.  We explore the ways that unhealthy attachment styles are replicated throughout our lives if we don’t have insight about our patterns of behavior, and how this can lead to symptoms of mental illness.

We will explore your family of origin and the impact of your upbringing on who you’ve become as an adult.  We will discuss concepts such as emotional boundaries, co-dependency, core beliefs, thinking mistakes and emotional literacy.  We will learn about the importance of self care, assertiveness and healing your inner child in looking at future goals and moving forward with self compassion and kindness.

By learning about your style of attachment you will increase your insight about your patterns of relating to others.  This gives you the power to make healthy changes in your life, and to work towards developing secure relationships that you deserve.

Life Beyond Trauma

This group is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to heal from post-traumatic stress and other trauma-related symptoms.  The group is designed to help you develop mindfulness, acceptance and valued action skills to understand and deal effectively with your trauma symptoms and those of anxiety and/or depression.

Some of the topics include: Understanding Trauma, Building a Safe Foundation with Mindfulness, Pain Versus Suffering, Control is the Problem, Letting Go of the Struggle, Barriers to Acceptance, Creating a Valued Life, Skills in Relationship and Moving Forward in Your Life.

Managing Powerful Emotions

Managing Powerful Emotions (MPE) is a 14 week group treatment program designed specifically for individuals who have difficulties with handling crises, unstable emotional reactions and impulsivity. There are three topics—emotion regulation (how to gain more control of your moods), distress tolerance (how to get through a crisis without making it worse) and mindfulness (increasing control over your mind). There is homework every week related to these topics.

Social Recreation

This group assists clients in reducing social isolation, in linking them to supports in the surrounding communities, and enhancing their quality of life through social and physical participation.

Buried in Treasures – Hoarding / Decluttering Skills Group

This group is designed to educate and increase awareness and support motivation to change.  We develop skills to understand and deal effectively with symptoms of Hoarding/Acquiring; bringing together people with similar issues to provide their knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical support for each other creates an incredible tool for hope and recovery.

Pathways to Recovery

This is a great opportunity for individuals who have experienced a psychiatric disability, are no longer in crisis, want to improve their lives and are interested in recovery.

Recovery is a word that is used to describe the many positive changes that can happen in people’s lives after the experience of prolonged psychiatric disability.

Recovery is re-claiming a positive sense of self despite the challenge of a psychiatric disability.

Recovery is actively self-managing one’s life and mental health, in order to control psychiatric symptoms, create a positive lifestyle and achieve a higher level of wellness.

Recovery is reclaiming roles and a life beyond being a consumer in the mental health system.

This group does not focus on psychiatric symptoms or treatment. Instead, it looks at each person more holistically and focuses on the “well” part of each person. It will help people identify and use their strengths and resources to set goals and achieve recovery in broad domains such as having a sense of home, deciding what kind of work one would like to do, attaining higher levels of wellness, finding enjoyable activities, unfolding spirituality and other important areas.

SMART Recovery

Smart Recovery Group is available through Lanark County Mental Health at two locations Carleton Place 5 Bates Ave, Friday’s 1:00-2:30 and Perth Hospital Class Room B Monday evenings 5:30-7:00.  Smart 4-point Program is based on self-empowerment to achieve life balance, it works to destigmatize addiction.  Smart Recovery is designed to help people find the power to change within themselves. The self-empowering discussions include science-based tools to enable participants to become increasingly self-reliant in their efforts to change and lead lives that are more meaningful, productive and connected. Participants learn from each other through peer support. They learn about specific tools and how to apply them in various situations.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Group is a program to assist people in development of a structured plan that will help them monitor and self manage difficult emotions and physical symptoms. By developing these wellness tools clients work through mental health challenges or life issues which are adaptable to any situation. Through careful observation, the group facilitators help clients identify those things they do to help themselves feel better when they are not feeling well, and the things they do to stay well and enjoy their lives.  The goal is to give people a tool to help them maintain a level of wellness and stability and promote recovery.  Group participants are then coached on how to use these wellness tools to develop personal action plans. The WRAP group is a 10 week program facilitated by peers and LCMH workers.  It is provided in both Smiths Falls and Carleton Place 2 times per year.  All materials are supplied to the participants.  A referral can be made through Lanark County Mental Health or the Mental Health Support Program (The Link).

Youth Skills & Support (ages 17-24)

Work with youth to build and develop tools to successfully navigate and participate in the community as young adults.
Empower youth to be self-advocates in finding and accessing services/resources that meet their needs and better their well-being.
“Toolkit” to meet these goals is three-fold:  Individual skills – through various means including: psycho-education, direct skill- teaching, practice, etc.;  Community connections – by inviting members of the community that are “experts” on various topics to work with youth and introduce them to the services available in the community;  Peer support – by fostering open communication and connectedness between group participants.