About Us

About Lanark County Mental Health

Lanark County Mental Health is a progressive, creative and dynamic agency. Lanark County Mental Health is a community based mental health service responding to Lanark County adults and transitional aged youth (17 yrs and over) who experience mental health concerns. We are committed to improving the quality of life for individuals and their families that have or are experiencing mental health challenges. Lanark County Mental Health has been providing a variety of mental health services to transitional youth and adults within Lanark County for over thirty years. The agency has been built on the belief of innovative approaches and shared care resources to build community capacity in providing comprehensive mental health supports and treatments. We are proudly sponsored by the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital and funded by the Ministry of Health – Ontario Health East.

Self-referrals are encouraged, however, families, community hospitals, family physicians and other organizations can make direct referrals to our services with the client consent. Each person or referral source will be greeted with respect, dignity, and trust. We provide confidential mental health assessments, information, resources, best practice treatment models and comprehensive recovery focused approaches to promote health and well-being. Community education and mental health training are provided through collaborative partnerships to improve understanding about mental health, wellness & illness.

Our continued success depends on the innovative approaches and inclusion of our clients and their families, in meeting the services required to support recovery and engagement within our integrated services. Ongoing promotion of mental health related services contributes to improving the quality of health and life for all persons within our community. This requires a collective responsibility and approach to shared resources and system planning. We welcome the opportunity to enhance services and resources for Lanark County.